June 16th, 2018–Kane Plex Arena, Kanab, Utah

Mandatory Team Meeting Saturday at 6:00 p.m.–Event starts at 7:00 p.m.

Entry fee: $50 per person; $200 per team

Limited to first 12 fully paid teams


Team Tie-down Steer Roping

  • Three teams will compete at the same time. Three cattle will be in the arena
  • Each team will choose two designated ropers for their team. The other two team members will be the muggers.
  • The ropers will be mounted at one end of the arena and the muggers will be on foot in the mugger’s box.
  • The announcer will indicate when time begins and the ropers will then rope any of the three cattle. The ropers will head and heel the steer (5 loop limit). Once the ropers have caught the steer the muggers may leave the muggers box.
  • At least 3 legs of the steer must be tied. Once the legs are tied both ropes must be taken off and all team members must be off and away from the steer. One of the muggers then runs back to the mugger’s box to stop the time. The steer must stay tied until the mugger is in the mugger’s box or it will be a no time.
  • No intentional tripping or dragging. Dragging the steer will result in a 1 minute penalty.
  • 2 minute time limit.
  • The winning team is the one with the fastest time.

Team Penning

  • Each team will have two minutes to pen 3 head of cattle.
  • A number drawn by the announcer is called as riders approach the line. Time starts when team crosses the line. Team must cross the line immediately. All members can cross the line and anyone can cut/sort the cattle.
  • The 3 head to be penned will include the number called and the next two in numerical order.
  • No more than 5 cattle may cross the line during the sorting or it results in a “no time”.
  • No more than 3 cattle can be penned when time is called. If wrong numbers are penned or more than 3 animals are penned it is also a “no time”
  • Loping in the herd or roughing the cattle will result in a “no time”
  • Team with the fastest time wins.

Team Rope Sorting

  • Each team will have two minutes to rope as many cows as possible in numerical order beginning with the first number called.
  • Each individual roper will be allowed only two loops per cow. For example if one roper misses twice on a cow another roper must rope the cow (using no more than two loops) before the next cow in numerical order can be roped.
  • Contestants will be using a rope with a break-away hondu (provided.)
  • Winning team is the one that ropes the most cows, in numerical order within the two-minute time period.

Team Branding

  • Each team will have a two minutes to rope and brand the Steer, (5 loop limit). The steer must be headed and heeled.
  • The flankers must remove the head rope and place it around both front feet and both heels must be in the loop. Failure to do so will result in a No    Time. After the steer is flat on its side and the ropes are on the feet. The branding iron is removed from the bucket, the calf branded on the hip ON THE LEFT SIDE! Failure to brand on the left side will result in   a 30 second penalty. Time stops when branding iron is back in the bucket.
  • Two- minute time limit.

Team Trailer Load:

  • Two teams will compete at the same time.
  • Two steers will be turned out into the arena.
  • All members must be off their horses and in the designated box.
  • When go is called, riders mount their horses and rope a steer.
  • Steer must be caught with a legal head catch (4 loop limit)
  • (No horses allowed in the trailer.)
  • Time stops when the steer loaded into trailer, gates are closed and all ropes are off and clear of trailer, and all team members are off their horses and back in the designated box.
  • Two minute time limit.



  1. All participating ranches must enter all compulsory events in order to be eligible for the team championship.
  1. The points will be awarded in each event for each round. Points will be given to the teams in relation to the number of teams in the rodeo as follows:

EXAMPLE: If there are 12 teams in the rodeo, 1st place will receive 12 points, 2nd 11 points and so on. No time will receive 0 points for the round.

  1. The team with the most points is the winner. In case of a tie in the overall team standings, the resolution of the tie will be as follows: (1st) the team receiving points in the most events is the winner; (2nd) Most points in branding; (3rd) Most points in Tie-down Steer Roping; (4th) Most points in Rope sorting; (5th) Most points in _____________.


  1. All participants must be dressed in western attire–no ball caps.
  2. Abuse of either personal animals or event animals (kicking, whipping, tripping, gouging of eyes, or any action which is deemed unnecessary) is strictly prohibited.
  1. No loud, obnoxious language or profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  1. The violation of any conduct rule will result in Team disqualification.